Saturday, October 10, 2009

suddenly i'm martha stewart

Apparently I will do anything to postpone homework because I have taken to cooking today. (And believe me, I don't cook.) So far I have cheffed up something magical in my crock pot, then I made applesauce... home made you should know.  I know, pretty impressive. After having a bowl mixed with cottage cheese, I think it's officially time to hit the book. 
This morning I had the most glorious bowl of oatmeal. 
.5 cup oats
.5 cup almond milk
.5 cup water
2 TBSP raisin
1 TBSP brown sugar
.5 cup canned pumpkin

YUUUUMMMM. It held me over for a long time and I actually wasn't even hungry for the applesauce but I couldn't resist. SEE, this is part of the problem. 


  1. Happy evening lady!

    Hope you're doing well.


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog :) I was so lucky I was at yoga myself the first time because I was exactly like you. I was not expecting it and I almost lost it.

    My blog is named from the Kenny Chesney song, and also because I live in Boston and I am a big sox fan. So a combination I guess :)

  3. Ooo. Sounds absolutely nomilicious!

  4. haha! You and me both..what is it about homework... ;)

    Lovin' the sound of homemade applesauce!

  5. The ginger sauce you would love!!!! xoxo

  6. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-). I actually thought the brown bar looked the worst - kinda of like sh**. Didn't taste that way though ;-).
    I notice that you haven't blogged here in a while... Have you been able to find more balance in your life? I hope so, though it is definitely hard to do!